Traveled Reflections

by Zamounde the Footstepper

He knew exactly what I knew
But We didn't know
Because he'd spoke a different tongue
So we met but never knew that we knew
That he was brainwashed too
I say it is hard to comprehend
What it takes to express yourself
In a land of different tongues
It's even harder to believe
that we could be the same

She knew I know she knew
Because she smiled
She had a similar style
As do my sister
She was trying to be equal too
Instead of the object of anger and affection

I say even here the notion of sex
Underlays the fabric of  her essence
From billboards to shoe stores
But I feel her too in my heart
I fight the same transgression

Here we are at the front of a building
There's a door
A beautiful floor
And people from all over the world
All this before I'd even made it in
To see so many wonderous displays
Of this
And that
Funny but beautiful hats
Clothes of all shades
I was tired so I sat
And dranked their version of lemonade

The water was cool looking
And the fish were big and small
Hungry alike In this tank of life
All this I saw from my hotel hall
I can't wait to catch a cab
to see the rest of the sites
He knew what I knew
And she did too
That life is as wonderful as we allow it to be

We'd grow tall like trees
and replant the world like dreams
In the atmosphere of reality
If we'd just got pass this smog
of greed, envy, and hatred
It's getting so bad that we
even discriminate against the food of others
Let alone our world sisters and brothers
To travel as I did I'd like to make a bid
That we learn for ourselves how it really is
And not perpetuate others ignorance
Even then not to tag the whole people of a country
over that of their so-called leaders
"Do you support all the efforts and actions of your country's leaders?"
Well should you suffer at the hand of their fate?
I'd seen the plain people
The everyday man and woman
And although I'd seen the bad seeds too
Nothing can out do the love that I'd received from people like you
The price is kinda high but worth it
What price do we place on the heads of people
At the expense of propaganda
We'll never know each other
Show me one place in the world without confusion
And I'd show you the il-lusion

by Zamounde the Footstepper

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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