That Confusion

by Zamounde the Footstepper

Let's elope
Get twisted like a rope
Bound by hope
For you I'd jump ten brooms
Alcohol no more consume
Said I still smoke dope
The opposite of the Pope
On a downhill slope
Said she couldn't tolerate my rhyme no mo'
So I jumped back kicked her in the ear
With my heart beat drumming
Ran up in her from the rear
Grabbed her hair to steer
Our minds began to bind
Said she could see my future
Beneath its original suture
Told tales
Told me I couldn't change

How come I don't call no more?
You dissed me
Tried to play me
More than two or three times
If I was the judge you'd get two-five
The oven's cookin'
And you still ain't no good
Roamin' female woods/hoods

Daddy who you goin' be tomorrow
I will never understand
You ain't no man!
I'm your child but better than
The weak reason you never came back
Except for P-snacks
I ain't too young no more to know that
The one thing you taught me?
Never trust the word over the action
No such thing as early extraction
For all those kitchen passes that you borrowed
Bad checks
and fake molass' promisary notes
Never stuck
Heard there's more like me all over the nation
Like a puzzle without a picture to compare
Knowing you're out there some where

I'm sorry but I have others (your siblings)too
You're the oldest so the diapers came first
And kept coming even when my sacks burst
All the moms cursed me
In a second of confusion thought that they loved me
I wanted to do my best
Addicted to that feeling of the night
A pretty smile
And the quest for the young and tight
Feeling like I needed the might
Over what I knew was right
Those seconds turned too many minutes of the little hand
>From my check ya'll took a big demand
Anger fought my fears
Sometimes at night I saw a few tears
Too many mirrors reflecting my seed
One more puff of this mad spliff (weed)
I look at you now
Damn I gots to change!

Pow! The bullet ranged
As blood answered the floor
Game over.......
Ran into a new generation woman
and you know they don't play that confusion!

That Confusion by Zamounde the Footstepper

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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