Tell Me It's Black February Again

by Zamounde the Footstepper

Soaring higher than the raised fist
I stand fit
Fit to withstand what the future will forget
That the old was once new in the mix
That changing the channel will not fix
The menu for those who sat in the back
Stood tall but unseen
From balconies
From behind fill stations
No, T.V. ever told the whole truth
People tend to forget
Don't know why I soar higher than the raised fist
I stand at attention
Feet perfectly in line for a facing movement
About face!
Forward march!
Onward into the future-soldier!
Don't you dare forget me, you, us, we the same ol'same ol'
Dressed up like someone new
Uniformed, uninformed, over-exposed to the unnecessary
Necessary, we are
Stand tall!

This holla-day season
I stand on the roof top like so many poets do
Screaming at sealed ears
"What's his problem, you betta get on before you get hit on"
Because not too many raise their fist any more
Accept to beat each other into the ground
You down with O.P.P.
NAACP no, yes only for the UNCF
When popular people are on
Raise my fist?
For what?
So we can be seen by moon people
Via DVD on satellite beamed pay for view
Eatin' express popcorn so old but preserved in fresh air packets
I can't stand to see the calendar roll around every February
Just to be asked, "What do you feel about Black History?"
I feel,


I use to
Thirst for juicy things
Things Black
Things that meant something to me
I ran for miles on Black
Some people thought that I was too Black
Said Black was seeping out of my light skin
Said "You so Black, keep mine too
Said that the sixties (When I was born)
Was so long ago
That these old wrecked homes and streets
Mean nothing to the future of things
Things Black are hard to see
See, we keep forgetting to turn on the light
Let Blackness shine from within
Not Black like in the dictionary
Black, like you were born
Not Black, the racist
Nor Black, the victim
Black so high to soar
Above Black bought at the store
I forgot how Black I was as I sat
Tired, worn with nothing more to quench my thirst
Our thirst, old
Need some new Blackaide (Gateraide)
To feel like I can be more
Give more on this February, Black (African-American) history month
So when I soar higher than the raised fist
People won't be askin' anymore, questions_ Unless they carry an umbrella
When I bust that cloud above
Tell me it's Black February again
Just don't forget those who really did something for you, thank them, thank God

Tell Me It's Black February Again by Zamounde the Footstepper

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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