by Zamounde the Footstepper

Everyone on the floor now!
Especially you secret cow
Get back!
Come here
You know what I'm askin'
Spit it out!
Oh, we can play dirty if you want
If you want to be the ball for our punt
We want all of you to know that it's our time now
It's our time now!
What, are you afraid to come clean?
Yo' cover my back!
Courage a coward lacks
Go down like a man
Believe me you're going to the grave
Even if I go to the Can
You will be my slave
Who wants to take a proud bullet?
Grandfather Clause
Cold Slaw
I know one of y'all
Thinks you'se above the law
But today you'll crawl

AKIA, AKIA and proud of it nigga!
On the desperate day I shall rise victorious!"

In seven days you'll be in hell's school
Learnin' whose the real nigga'
Here's a taste of centuries of hate
The drugs at its full weight
I inject in to your blood stream
And tie you to this beam
Who's next?............
While you trip before you go out with a scream
On the Cyclops DOUBLE RIDE
Going up and down, Heaven and Hell on the same line
"Another fraternal gang sign?"
No, eternal like wine
Red like lemon-lime
"Lemon-lime's not red!"
No, but bitter blood is

Here comes the scout
Your father the true southern mezzo-
Catholic-Evangelistic-keeper of the gates of hell
Don't ask won't tell
Ruler of where no one hears you yell
No 10% bail
No refund
Too hot for ropes and guns
Raw fist / tail twist
and you're number one on the list
No need to buckle up
You won't be getting up
Imperial blob
Your desperate day is on the eighth
This is your hood.......
We are the new order Black militant keepers of the game
And we've been for a long time playin' the same
Who's keeping score?
Surely not the media
You brotha's know the code
Clips unload the stories told

(Based on my dealings with the war for change)

Surprise! by Zamounde Allie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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