Could Have Been Is Still Gold

by Zamounde the Footstepper

She said that she was single, divorced, but never married. Now hold up sista' I was following you for a second, but now I have to back up. What do you mean you're "...divorced, but never married"? She looked at me with this reflective gaze in our eyes and I could not help but to take that journey with her. She said that many men have promised her by both mouth and action a life long package, but left her for the next pretty that came their way.

At the end of her rope she met a young man who seem to have potential and treated her very well on a interpersonal level like she had never experienced before. They walked over different ideas and what-ifs a lot and just sat around listening to music. He didn't like T.V. too much. He said that it laid-off the imagination and hired temporary foolishness. He was definitely a thinker. She'd had even went as far as buying furniture, and saving money with this man who had his game well planned. You see he liked me yes this is true, but I think as long as he just likes me he could continue to do what he wanted to do on the side.

She began to get all worked. Men think that they can play these games forever without being caught and think that it's macho to boast and carry-on and even steep as low as to say "so what!"

I had to break in on her for second. Now I see what you're saying so far, but that still doesn't explain the fact that you were divorced without marriage. "OK" she said and continued on with the story. He, the latter man I'd mentioned stopped by one of those stores where you can buy edible panties and crazy stuff like that, but he bought a marriage certificate that they were selling with a complete life plan and all and we signed our names on it and made copies and placed the main one on our bedroom wall; gave a few copies to people we knew too. "Our" bedroom wall, so that means that. (she interupted)

Yes we eventually moved in together. He left for a while to take some classes out east and when he'd got back I knew that he had a surprise for me, (hint-hint) so I got all done up. His plane was late, and when he finally got home I was tired, but we did our thing any way and I was back in style.

I'm feeling you sista' but what's your main point? Well after a welcome home meal we sat at the table listening to a poetry tape from a bunch of local artist which was appeasing and stared at each other. He finally broke the silence and said that he has been debating on whether or not he should tell me what was going on. I jumped back in my chair and nervoursly ran to switch the tape over. He jestured to me that it wasn't that bad so I came back and sat down. "I have a loose relation that I should clear up before...." I told him because my heart was full of that new love that it didn't matter about the past. He came over and hugged me and we sat there in silence. Later he said that he was going to see his mom and he'd call me from there.

Later never came because he was shot. What!? You see to me that paper we had signed was as good as gold, but according to the world we were simply friends despite our mutual aggreement. So I'm single, divorced but never married. That's painful sista', painful. You had said earlier that "he liked you" and that way he could still play around, but it doesn't sound like he was playing around on you. No, I don't think so either. He said later on in our younger relationship that love is like a seed so for him to say that he loved me before harvest time would starve its true reality; the roots would only be on the surface. That's deep sista.

Who shot him and for what if you don't mind me asking? His past relations with another woman who he'd previously been with confronted him over his moms house because his moms had shown her a copy of our marriage certificate. She got all worked up about it because she had it in her mind that they were getting married. She was pregnant by this other man, but said that she loved him. They were going on and on, but it was mostly her making the noise. Well that other man came by to pick her up and over heard a little bit of the conversation went back to his ride and came storming into the house cussing at her. I don't want to go any further into details, but his mom said that guy was trying to shoot his pregnant girlfriend but my "husband" got in the way. I should had let him finish what he wanted to say earlier. Hey sista' you just did I said and I embraced her brotherly. You just passed a good spirit on to me.

Could Have Been Is Still Gold by Zamounde the Footstepper

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