A Letter to the Senator

by Zamounde the Footstepper

You step up like you want to say somethin'
Got me all ears and listenin'
You wanna spend 500 million dolla's
on a "swift and sure" juvenile delinquent congram
Talkin' about preventive program
You make me wanna' holla'
What the senator and the FOP's are talkin'
Sounds like a unda'-deal
To make prisons for lost children
Victims of a societal will
I saw the E-paper
Caught wind of the ill vapor
Anotha' attempt to get the eggs early
Don't smile and show your pearly whites
Sneakin' up in the wee hours of the DC mornin'
Scarin' the birds in the city Coup's
As they patrol
You with the law books control
In cahoots
Of a common nature
"We'll get them young before they graduate"
Fill the cold cells with diseases
Send them back out as it pleases
To justify anotha' of the bills that ceases
One more right to live and learn
In a country that's destined by its own hand to burn
You'll neva' let the right bills in
It's easy to add up the crimes and sufferin'
Sell solutions like Bufferin
But have you ever summed up the good
500 million dolla's?
We could do a lot of buildin' on the good
than on what you're proposin'
Your propaganda's not workin'
("I'm just a bill, and I'm sittin' on Capitol hill......")
I'll get in you like a pill
Can you feel me
Can you stand up against this sea of same
You can say later that you were drugged and felt ill
but for now just get them to sign this bill
A letter to Senator For Real

A Letter to the Senator by Zamounde Allie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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