The Project's

by Zamounde Allie

A plan or scheme
And we are the main theme
Too see how long we can survive the testing
Rats caged
By who enraged
Both sides of the theory
Group's A and B
One clean
The other a dope-fiend
It goes on like a mystery
Where many of step from the womb
Into the whole shebang
Slang, gang
Shots rang
Who pulls the trigger?
The ghetto nigger?
No, the one that's bigger
The true grave digger
The gadget's made
Pullin' the shade
Standin' above you manipulatin'
What the blind do tripulatin'
The eyes see
Chemistry react
Each other we jack
Takin' back
A little cheese
In a maze
Media fazed
Govament teased
Escape plans
Aimed high
B all U can B
Negro hierarchy
Flow charted
Kick started
Gin & Juice
No limit truce
Manufactured fumes
Foreign colors subdued
Block to block
Rock to rock
Fertile stock
Wall street flocks
When will it stop
The dime's long dropped
To produce the crop
Why are they pleased?
The plantation's still here today
One big pistol aimed at you and me
But the real battles in the mind see
To destroy the project
Will take group C
Real G's


I grew up on Gov't cheese
Fightin percieved enemies
Takin' little bits of candy
Grown boys actin' like men
Within the created lion's den
You have to die for me to win
Just last year you were my friend
But joined the wrong army
Mama don't understand
Tryin' to survive the best that she can
Her peril's dealin' with the man
>From roof tops to short-cut's
To places buses don't go
To just say no
To samplin' the blow
To wantin' to have some control
Over the path's he roll
Who was the first that stole
His innocense
No if's, and's, or but's
Or forgiving what's
Too many open doors are shut
Only to add to the lack of ignorance
For the real light of intelligence
The big game
Carry proud the badge of shame
In concentration camps
Exterminate or be exterminated
Spittin-shootin' words and metal
Don't be a tattle-tale
Can't fall no deeper in hell
My mama's eye's swell
The sista's are ho's
There mamma's a b'itch
Just because it felt good to say so
"Yes ma'am" when you see her in the sto'
She remembers when you were home-grown
suckin' on a chicken bone
She carried yo' hungry ass when yo' mama wasn't home
But you now carry the shovel that digs the hole
Played by the one above the totem pole
Sealed up tight with a crooked stitch
Scratchin' the same old dog's itch
Old men walk around saying what's really going on
Too late and far away from the youth
That don't want to hear it though but it's the truth
The truth don't put food in the mouth
It's been a long time since we'd left the South
Too many problems to shout
I'm tryin' to get the hell out
I grew up on Gov't cheese
Fightin' percieved enemies
But from where I'm standin' they look like you and me

The Project's by Zamounde Allie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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