What Poets Do

by Zamounde Allie & Barbara Houston

We do what we do
Lay out poetical clues
Drop good vibes
And sad ones too
We poets
Like you, and you
Flow like water to consume
Tap brain cells
Stored in mental wells
To fill the room
With what poets do
Thirsty we pour
Cry from emotion
Inspired we soar
Soothe like lotion
Happy, sometimes
Laugh with us
Mad, sometimes
Agree in disgust
And in between too
We kick words to repair
Not only because we care
We're compelled to share
A piece of what we are
A part of you
Our ancestors too
Lit up like a star

Knowledge takes us far
Beyond our wildest dream
Rising to the top like cream.
Don't need reason, or rhyme
All we need is time
To express the intangible,
emotional, and spiritual.
Transported from heart to pen
the souls of men
To open the door, so let us in.
We do what we do
As told to
So we all might see
What is destined to be
Prophetic impressions
upon humanity.
Poetic spirits burning bright
So we do what we do, write
Down to the last word, last line
Writing 'til we run out of time.

"Knowledge takes us far
Lit up like a star
One size fits all
When we take heed to the call"

What Poets Do by Zamounde Allie & Barbara Houston

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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