(You Kan't Be Last When You Were First!)

by Zamounde Allie

Pan Afrikanism
Whole-listic wisdom
Some lost and found
Some mental-physically bound
To the notion of Afrikanism
Bekause of the books they've read
The things speakers said
Live and stereo fed
Akross Afrika
Akross Asia
The Amerika's
As we know it
History is in need to show
It's true kolor
Beyond what was told
by the forcible other
Regardless if we are all sister and brother
We don't really need one another
To live with freedom's potion
To kross a mental-spiritual ocean
Back to our home land
In some need to amend
The skars
To rename the stars
Our foundation starts where we're standin'
With ingredients from the one's original to the planet
We must be full and demandin'
Stand on our own first before others we let
For now it's Pan Afrikanism
Seeds We must hurl
Maybe later when we are properly backed
It kan be an all inclusive World
When the pyramids are restacked
Until then there can be no true pan-ism
To stop the kill

Pan-Ism (You Kan't Be Last When You Were First!) by Zamounde Allie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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