by Zamounde Allie

Born in '65 the year "Malcolm X" died
Destined by my own name to fly
Obstructed at an early age I had to defend
Myself the best at that time I could to stand
Understand the crazy world I held in my hand
A dream to rise above this mess
To put my spirit to it's test
But I felt that I had to join some group to survive
I'd dealt with many in their attempts to contrive
But listen, and hear me good I am the Footstepper
A soldier for true life
I will continue to step against the grain
To move on even though I suck up the pain
You don't think so but this a positive message
But the world ain't a positive place
So check out my footsteps and keep up with the pace……..
I'd seen the ghetto's in America, Canada, England, Germany, Italy,
Korea, and Africa
I'd seen how by the might of the dollar great cities rise while the
slums deeper fall
I'd seen my people in all these places
Strong backboned little and big mothers standin' tall
I'd seen them workin' from sun up to sun down my brothers, your fathers
and all
I'd even seen the similarity in diseases, religions, and beliefs
But like when the fall comes they all shrivel like the leafs
Because behind all the differences the same remains
We are a people destined to thaw
>From our cold hearts and stand tall
I'm am the Footstepper
But I've also seen your footsteps
I'd even fell from the half steps
And even in the darkest places crept
But through it all a tunnel had a light
I'd tasted the sour so the sweets I had to bite
Born in '65 the year my people by TV had just started to fight
But my father had scars twice my size
Had already died in many unwon battles
Already followed misled people like cattle
But still steppin'
Steel steppin'
For real steppin'
Against the grain steppin'

Me/You by Zamounde Allie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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