A Man's Cry

by Zamounde the Footstepper

How does a man cry?
Screamin' out car windows in the night
Cussin' out folks for no real reason
Drinkin'-smokin 'til he can't stand to breathe
Livin' too wild in his dreams frustrations explode
Sometimes you see him doing strange things
Things you don't want to know

What makes a man cry out?
His woman,
Well the things she says to him at the wrong time
The verbal beatings no matter how justified
Leads him to jet
If you can't stand him that bad- leave!

Why does a man cry out?
Trying to succeed
Doing everything he can to achieve
Sometimes chasing pipedreams
Outer inner real things attacking
A man's cry will never show in tears
Well not the ones you see
A man's cry is devoid of fears
A man's cry is simply complex by manly things
Manly things made by radio and TV
The things that use to simply be in genes
Now spread to all of us electronically

A man's cry in extreme
He beats wives, children
And Jo-Blow on the streets
Sometimes he goes insane
Whether permanent it's hard to say
This is a man's cry

Man won't go to a doc'
Man won't let go
Man hold on to things 'til he explodes
Man don't get no sleep
He sleeps walking
Man as he gets older don't get much of anything
Like he did in the past
So he holds on to his memories
Like a pack of cigarettes
Chain smoking them butts and all

Man when he cries out- is from lack of respect
Or his impression of it
Man don't respect man
Like "common sense"
Younger men don't understand the older ones
So they tell jokes
The older ones call them too young to know
Getting no where on the issue-choked

Man cries
Magazines-both in paper and metal jackets
Man cries like a sniper with silent splats
waiting on hill tops shootin at unsuspects
Bullets making statements misunderstood
However man cries won't be heard by
no one except Him on high

Man spits tissue-less insults at the ones he love
Don't let him get full of hate
He'd leave scars a mile long
And many empty plates
Don't even try to tell him he's wrong
It'll be like spillin' a can of soup
You won't know what went wrong
Letting loose a mix of emotions
that stewed too long

Man when full of love cries out too
However, for some crazy reason we don't hear that tune
We look at man's actions throughout history
He did this and he did that
Man caused so many tears
that everyone knows as facts
That the unwritten-hidden ones keep coming back
Reborn in our children
Manifesting like escaping pilgrims
Looking for a new home in our hearts

Man cries- yes he does
It just isn't the kind of tears you want to see
raining from clouds

A Man's Cry by Zamounde the Footstepper

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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