Life Statement

by Zamounde the Footstepper

What is it worth to bomb a building-to splash blood on
ceilings?  Life, is it worth the death of another?  We
all condemn acts when acts are against us for what it
is worth I do not know who we are let alone us.  I
know that for all it is worth-life is too precious no
matter where you are from in the world.  I could go on
for days at its end to try to explain what I really
want to say and still some would not understand.  You
see we have ears but our ears have guards at the door-
we swell up with emotions and shut the door to real
listening the majority of our short lives.  I know
when someone tells me something that I do not want to
hear I pretend to listen or just walk away, but when
I'm on the other end of the situation I demand that
they hear me- still blind to the fact that I do the
same.  Why do we act this way?  If I knew the exact
answer to it I probably would not write what I am
writing.  I keep hearing people say that they are
gathering facts on this and that matter or that
they're looking for the truth, but the truth is that
the facts can be altered or misunderstood depending
how you came up in the world and to what you want to
hear. So for what it is worth I just want to take a
minute to say that I am trying to be all ears.
I know that what I do or say makes a difference, so it
is important for me to at least say what's on my mind.
 To do something constructive with my time.
If your life statement does not include listening then
you will never grow. (Negative intentions excluded)

Life Statement by Zamounde the Footstepper

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