I Know You Know

by Zamounde the Footstepper

I know you know
We continue to flow
Even clicks and ticks take care
To be above the floods
Of cops and others who come down on 'em
So why when I know you know 
Would you not do the same for the love city
The city of the heart within us all
That's lit by our belief in the Lord
Don't believe me, read
I know you know
We all do some how
But most fail to go
I made a prayer closet
To shut myself in
To just be myself
Out of site of others
To speak my heart to the Lord
To read in black light so that
Only the pages I see
To fulfill my life's dream
To do what I know is right 
For my eternal self and not
The temple that contains me
I know you know what I mean
Don't get caught up in fighting
Don't be a soldier of the revolution
They ain't real soldiers! 
They'll leave you in retreat
When the battle gets too much heat
Believe me not in me
That I've been down many roads
But only one is straight
The others are tiresome
Constantly deadends 
Mismade maps and traps
All that was revealed to me
Came from within
No sister or brother
Mother, father, or friend
Could ever live up to what
I know they know
But let us strive to achieve it
Believe it for yourself
Don't get offensive
I, you, we, me
I found that I am a soldier 
in the army of the Lord
In that there is no closed door

I Know You Know by Zamounde the Footstepper

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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