Just There

by Zamounde Allie

Sankofa Seeeeeeeeeeds! The purpose of Sankofa Seeds is to express and address issues that affect our world from a different perspective, with no fixed formats to allow mental seeds to grow. Pumpin' brain cells into the air it's the word engineer. Catch the "Paper Vapors" from the foot-soldier that cares. This one I got for you tonight is called

Just There

We’d danced all night
Me and her
Her and I
The crew
They had plans I was just in the middle of the plight
We caught a cab
We all shared the tab
Ended up in the same room
But everyone else left like whiskers on a broom
There I was sitting in a chair
Behind me moaning and groaning
Two women wildly paired
Alcohol brained mushroom
One man involved between the two of them
Licking and pullin at his stem
The alcohol raced downstairs
Filled my underwear with a drinkable brew
I wanted one of them to consume
Butt naked I became and joined in too
Lay the thick one ‘cause the thin was afraid to
Said she really liked me but she was a man inside too
She felt the need to ride me though as
I played with her to see if she was real
And began on the other onion to peel
Gave it to her like I never would again
Until her river overflowed and spilled
The other was just too tight from her years
Of tryin' to be the man
To fight so I gave in
Still hard as a rock
>From the pelvic shock
I laid on the floor of my lust
Tired from the atomic bust
Seeping from my internal rust
Satisfied the other kissed my forehead
A tear later I had to shed
Peroxide my tool I fed
Because I’d broken the rule
I was just there
With the guilt as my despair
The after effects hurt a mental pain
Cheers can remove the bed stain
I ain’t smiling now full disdain
Confess I must this mental rain
Cheap thrills at a cost to the will
If I'm just there again I'll refrain

(Dedicated to those who never went there)

This has been Zamounde the Footstepper coming to you with Sankofa Seeds for the Sankofa Circle, KABF 88.3 FM Little Rock "The Voice Of The People"

Change can only come if our lives we reaarrange

Just There by Zamounde Allie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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