by Zamounde the Footstepper

Here we stand
Just you and me
I smell thoughts brewing
You see me as I see you
The smoke rises
We accept different interpretations
I'm fixed on love
You, on hate
I feel good about the debate
You can't stand me
The heat intensifies
I smile
You frown
I grin
You think, sin
Tell people untruths
Passing off a scheme in your plot
You say somethin' to enrage me
I refuse to engage
You think coward
But I got the real power
To stand where I stand
A breeze comes
Despite of you
Fans the flames
But no oxygen
Can revive it
I got super spit
You on the other hand
Lack the wit
To understand
That I am the exception

Water, I drench
Water, I enrich
Water, I revive
Water, I move you
The subway train ride
Seems forever
More people gather
But I rather be standin' elsewhere
The funk increases
I feel my power decreasin'
the composition changes
More like me encompass
I feel energized
Here's my stop

I'm walking
On hands that don't
Want my exceptional feet
To touch the ground
So the harder I pound
With tacks
More books in my backpack
Maintaining degree pursuits
Dumping crap from my memory
Except, some is necessary to survive
I don't understand it, but it can be demanding
I found triangles easy, but trinomials a pain
So I popped hour pills studying off the clock
Tick-tock, the exception
I added a couple of hours to the day
Pay day on sleep uncontrollable at the end of the week
My challenger's are students from around the world-
competing with me
Exception- I'm competing against myself-
fighting stinkin' thinkin', old
habits and tribulations
Breakin' pencil leads

Here we stand
The class of the world
The exceptional boys and girls
Of all kinds
Educational bullies and compassionate-helpful others
We debate in defense of our beliefs
that seem to differ but really are not
that far apart
Two sides of the scale and neutral beings the same
The exception, language and cultural boundaries.

Except by Zamounde the Footstepper

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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