The Drink You Don't Need

by Zamounde the Footstepper

"I got the stuff that you need
So don't be smokin' no weed
I got the strength of ten men
I pull the power within
The natural high that I get
Makes you wanna' say when
I know you don't know me
But I'm goin' to get into your pants
With this chant in your ear
(Breath smellin' just like a deer)
Can you go home with me?"
Hey baby do what you want
But turn out the lights
I don't want you to see
We'll do it all night
So don't be puttin' up no fight
But he ran out the door
His woman was really a man
Threw up in a garbage can

He's drinkin' alco-hol [repeat 4 times]

She likes the men with big pants
The one's with the tongue chants
The rough neck physical dance
"So baby turn off that light
(He promised her he wouldn't bite)
Have anotha' sip of this wine"
She heard the door squeak in the night
>From the closet came a stampede
Now she's dirty like a weed
Bruised & hurt from
Too many tooty-fruities
With everyone slippin' Mickeys
She got took by many because...........

She's drinkin' alco-hol [Repeat 4 times]

Now on both sides of town
Two people feeling not right
One hanging over from shock-fright
Almost slammed by his equal might
The other ran over by a train
Feeling the locomotive pain
>From that drink they didn't need
Looking for what comes naturally
They found the freaks they don't need
Results of plantin'  bad seeds
Should've stay off the streets
Hip-no-ties by strange beats
A drink that's bitter and sweet
Left and right don't mean a thing
You betta' watch what you drink

[Repeat with a fade out ] They call it al-co-hol

The Drink You Don't Need by Zamounde Allie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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