Now there has been attacks on both ends
Either or willin' to bend
But here it is again from a real perspective
with life as it's directive........

My Best End

by Zamounde Allie

Let me tell you 'bout my best end
A piece of my existence
Denied by my action
My early extraction
A lack of female resistance
for an extracurricular friend
I know I shamed you sista
But I wish ya'
Wouldn’t deny me my kid
What have I did
That bad that I can’t come in
Hey baby’s momma
Let me in
She said “not by the hair she bought
last weekend”
standin’ in the kitchen
Out of the fryin' pan
Into the fire
polluted by desire
My son’s growin' without a man
I love you son
For you I have not lost
tell yo' momma to let me in
I got dividends
A couple of Benjamin’s
I still pay the house note
Singin' the blues
She said she needs more
than a boyfriend 
That I wasn’t a good husband
We divided everythang
I gave her my last change
For my son I came to see and did arrange
She said naw 'cause
I was deranged
But I was just tired from playin' the game
Hey baby boy tell yo’ momma to let me in
She said “don’t let the lion back into the den
Slide the cash unda' the do'
And get to walkin'”
But I wasn’t through talkin'
I’m through “Yes yallin'!
Alcohol fallin'
I’ve been rehabilitatin'
Courtroom deliberatin'
My best end
And all I’m askin'
Is to see my children
My unconditional friend
Use to be the bottle man
but I kicked it
I no longer sip it
But my ex-wife
Still holdin' on to the strife
Wants to bust me in the head with a pipe
I’m no longer that type
Can you hear me sista'
I’m back again
With my best end
Come on and let me in
She kept to her word
“not by the hair she bought
last weekend”
for betta' or worse
To death do us part
I still got you in my heart
In yo' life I want to be a part
I know it was a rough start
But i’m willing to bend
to even break
to reclaim a stake
in my baby momma’s heart
Can’t you see me shakin'
My pride’s without clout
On my knees beggin'
Hey baby’s momma let me in
She said come back next weekend
But this is my best end
If I leave I’ll have to start all over again
My best end
My best end 
Has just begun
Hey baby’s momma let me in
Don’t tell me “by the hair you bought last weekend”
Let me in now 
Cause I’m here to reclaim myself
In front of all of you
I’m layin’ it down on the table
This ain’t no fairy/fable
True life 
comes to you every day
Devoid the T.V. Screen

A true story don't you agree......
Poet Zamounde
The Footstepper

My Best End by Zamounde Allie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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