Young, Gifted & Atoned

by Taharka the Naturalman & Zamounde the Footstepper

I'm young
My word is bond
Because my actions give me satisfaction in
the things that I have done
I'm gifted
The Creator keeps me high
Therefore I am lifted
But am I atoned
Correct me if I am wrong
I can't get high but brought down
by smokin' spliff's
Smokin' blunts
I might get bumped
Out the box
Smokin' rocks

Young get atoned
'Cause all we got here is a dirty paradigm
While up the street liquor stores go undercover
Around here they're a dirty dozen
Causin' many to stutter
In the gutter
with whatever you say we do
without consciousness
We're abused
The old and the new school
And those between far and few
Footstepper's, catch a piece of this action
Mental extraction from these old cells
before the fields be ready for plantin'
Somethin's lost but found .....
out last night there's no room for progress
while some continue to play the clown
 they're addressin' us lookin' down
but if the will, the nest
 was built right
we wouldn't be crawlin' these inner-walls
to get out of our inner hell
and only a few  would be seekin' bail
and the deliverer of death would be
runnin' holdin' his tail
maybe one or two would leave the school
to walk the halls
and out of joy our mothers tears would
when no one's greater than the less we
will stand tall
but on bent knees recanting
listenin' to our ancestors chantin'
"Come back! That's all we're askin'."

Young gifted & atoned
"hung shring aung"
The great oracles of  Tahuti
 helps me to move along the Nile
The holy waters inside my brain that
illuminates my smile
I need to cultivate my talents
and my skills
so that I can build
Build What?
Build something
and build it up
then I can walk tall
with a smooth
I need to make reality my dream
by having visions
Visions of body's being burned can't be
the theme
I mean just check me out
I'm young
and I'm gifted
 sometimes I walk smooth and silent like a
the constant rapport with the Creator of
in battle
All the evil angels will fall
Then I the Dark Angel
with the eternal light
will take flight like a dove
as is above
so it is below
as is below
so it is above

Let these new brotha's
and sista's know
That life is an on the job continuous
and in this day and time
Common sense is far and few remaining
The dog has had the bone for far too long
teasin' us with bits
and pieces of freedom
Thinkin that we will never come together
as one
and now that day has come
For us to recognize
our young
& atoned
& atoned

 "All it takes is one step at a time
In the right direction in the mind
And you will eventually find
Life to be good and kind"

Young, Gifted & Atoned by Taharka the Naturalman & Zamounde the Footstepper

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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