by Zamounde Allie

Vultures in a tree
Feels like rain
But itís pee
Eyes burning
I canít see
Still turning
Stankiní misery
Itís hot!
My foreheadís the pot
The drippinís got the flames sizzliní
Theyíre raining on me
And I canít see
Vultures in a tree
All over the country
The meals coming
Blind theyíre still behind
Bird rapping
Close to the ground
I turned to call their bluff
Feathers went puff
Kicking as they tore at me
No pain
I know it hurts
What does it gain
No shirt
I threw sand into the air
But still they knew exactly where
With that road kill stare
The birds were aware
That I was scared
Tenderiziní the main course anatomy
Vultures from the tree
From where do the roots get nutrients
No soil for botany
Shredded pants bare like a baby
Main course ingredients
Hands and feet
I found a hole
But theyíre still dancing
I grew fear wings
Flew from their conquering scream
I canít breathe
Static electricity
Clock tick tocking
A dream
awoke under the covers sweating
Seven in the morning
No vultures in the tree
At least not in this dreamality

Asleep/Awake by Zamounde Allie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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