Even Jesus Wept

by Lionel C. Whitehead

Seek Ye

I know many say that a man does not cry, 
I am here to say that is a lie.
Because right now I am wiping tears from my eyes. 
Even Jesus wept. 

This powerful man who holds our souls,
Who has made me whole 
And gave His life that we might live. 
Even Jesus wept

My brother Seek Ye wrote a great poem
To me, I need you to know
Seek Ye, You I shall never forget 
These blessing you have sent to me, 
As you love me knowing my history. 
Even Jesus wept
These words says more to me then the eyes can see, 
And more than the pen can write.
I give God all the praise and Glory 
For allowing you to join me in prayer 
After hearing my story,.
You didn’t judge me, but love me
Even Jesus wept
When I was a little boy the word was
Big boys don’t cry
I held all that pain in my head
Switched into what I thought was a man mode.
I would squeezed my eyelids as tight as I could, 
Forcing back the tears as best I could
I would stand up with my shoulders erect, 
Swallowed the knot in my throat 
As I died slowly inside
With my hands held down by my side
Even Jesus wept
As a child I was always told that 
Suppressing my tears during the roughest of times 
Was essential for a man. 
But I wasn’t a man I was a boy
All that pressure held within I slowly died
For the rest of my teen years I recited in my mind, 
Like a scratched record, my proclamation for manhood: 
Even Jesus wept
Don't cry. 
Gotta be strong. Gotta be strong for everybody. 
Gotta be strong for me too. 
No matter what happen this I had to do
Even Jesus wept
I spent days, and years suspended in what I now know 
Was emotional purgatory: 
If I was to write a book and told my stories
I am without doubt it would sell
And pull a lot of men out of their self inflicted hell
Even Jesus wept
For years I lived with the pain in my heart, throat and mind
When my family and friends died I wasn’t suppose to cry
When I went to court and stood there being railroad
And sentence to life I stood erected and took that mess 
Without one tear falling from my eyes
While on the inside I was dying.
The judge looked at me and declared I was guilty because I
Held back the tears. My heart was harden he said, 
He said I showed no remorse 
How could I show remorse for what I did not do?
Even Jesus wept
If only he could see inside. 
Where the tears were choking me 
Once more I was dying. 
Not because he said I was none responsive
For what they assumed I’d done but because I was never again be free
These know it all judge, lawyer and jury has stolen my life from me
I wasn’t even free to mourn.
Even Jesus wept
But why was I so determined to conform and not cry? 
Who conditions men to be this way when our hearts feel pain? 
Even when embroiled in turmoil and heartache, 
Men remain committed to the idea that under no circumstances 
Should we allow our feelings and emotions to surface for the world to see
That would destroy our image; make us appear soft and weak. 
It's our duty to be strong, 
Our duty to say to our wives, mothers and sisters, 
"Everything's going to be okay." 
And if we're the sole proprietors of the problem, we'll just solve it quietly.
And get it out the way. 
Even Jesus wept
After I was taken to a holding cell
Then they transferred me into the Prison of Hell
My heart lowered onto the ground, 
After they closed the door behind me
I held my tears back because up in here
I had to make them respect me
So my tears they’d never see 
I stood still in the doorway of the cell,
And reality hit me like a freight train: 
I am never going home.
My children I won’t see them grow.
My baby the true me, she’d never know
My wife would be left alone to carry on
All the responsibilities and
One day I knew she would move on
I could feel her spirit wrapped around me like a warm blanket.
As I fought the tears in my eyes 
There was no denying her presence, 
And I couldn't accept her absence. 
Even Jesus wept
In an explosion of emotions, I broke down and cried. 
After my eyes couldn't swell any larger, 
And the pain that buckles my knees had eased, 
I felt less burdened. With a lot of soul-searching and praying, 
I came to terms with I am in jail this man made hell 
And the fact that I had cried. 
Helped me to feel better inside
I accepted that my tears didn't undermine my masculinity.
Instead it freed my mind, although my heart still aches
That I must pay for someone else’s mistake. 
Even Jesus wept
I‘ve placed it In Jesus’s hand knowing all is well, 
As Jesus represents me
The Spirit of Truth whispered softly in my ears 
“Now don’t you feel some release?”
I shall never forget that night when I fell on my knees 
And began to weep and thought I heard someone crying with me. 
I felt a sense of comfort as I believed 
that Jesus knew what I was going through
And shared my sorrow.
From Him strength to go on I borrowed (Hebrews 4:15)
Jesus wept alone with me as I viewed His weeping bitter tears of 
Disappointment and distress.
He wept because of false religion, 
Lost souls and impending judgment. 
A sense of ‘what could have been’ 
If His people had only listened to His words. 
Even Jesus wept
Today I implore brothers not to allow preconceived notions that 
"Men don't cry" to keep them from confronting their issues. 
We need to stop passing an emotionally crippling idea 
On to our impressionable sons and younger brothers. 
They learn by our example. 
They should know that crying is not a sign of weakness, 
But a healthy and necessary part of healing. 
To be a man in time of trials and tribulations is to acknowledge pain, 
Accept the situation, refocus and continue to live.
See as I have grown, I have come to know
Real men cry.
Especially when a love one dies
A child is sick
When my children was born and I held them for the first time
Tears rolled from my eyes making me temporary blind
Even Jesus wept
I am so glad I left that stupid lie behind
When I go before the Lord in prayer
Knowing I am blessed I do not mind tears falling from my eyes
And these are only a few examples of when real men cry
See Jesus the greatest man to ever live wept. 
(John 11:35) Jesus wept
Jesus was a man like us, but a perfect man, God come in the flesh. 
Like us, he loved and served God, felt compassion for suffering people, 
and had physical and emotional needs. 
But unlike us, Jesus served God in absolute obedience, expressed his compassion
through perfect works, and looked only to his Father to fill his needs. 
Jesus loved mankind so much that he took upon himself our sorrows, our 
sin and our punishment in a supreme act of love, but he never allowed 
himself to be overcome with emotional sentiment. He didn't cry over suffering. 
When confronted with sick and infirm people--
the lame, the blind, the paralyzed, the lepers-- 
Jesus didn't weep with them in empathy; he just healed them. 
Even sick and dying little children didn't move Jesus to tears. 
Weeping was no help to them, but healing was. 
Matthew tells us that Jesus had compassion on the crowds around 
Him because "they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without 
a shepherd" (Matthew 9:36.) But instead of wringing his hands and 
crying for them, he offered to be their Shepherd. 
Even when his beloved cousin John was beheaded, 
Jesus never publicly mourned, as was the custom. 
Although John had spent his whole life preparing the way for Him, 
Jesus didn't gather His disciples together and preach an emotional eulogy. 
Instead, He "withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place" (Matthew 14:13.) 
And when He returned and saw another large crowd waiting for Him, 
He went on with His work: 
"He had compassion on them and healed their sick" (Matthew 14:14.)
Even Jesus wept

Even Jesus Wept by Lionel C. Whitehead

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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