Jailing Innocents Is Wrong

by Lionel C. Whitehead

You asked me what happened I told you
You asked me have I appealed I told you
You asked me do I want help I told you
I have done all that I can 
Until I try again

Daily I rise up and go before the Lord
And every evening I lie down believing that tomorrow
Will be the day I will go home
Know that I am not wrong.
All things are in Jesus hands

I write and I appeal and I appeal again
But the satanic spirits rules this pen
The world is control by filth and sin
Unholy and ungodly men
Men that lives for sin.
It is those that hold offices out there
Controlling those in here.

Yes I have appealed
Year after year, but they turn me down
That judge said never again would I walk
On civilized ground

Yes I do need help
And I do try to get out of this hell hole
But to get out of here most of these guys 
Has to lose their souls.
There are men in here eighty and ninety years old
See my friend going to different organizations
Doesn’t always pay
But it just doesn't happen that way.
The appeal courts and the judges have the last say

In this world out here. 
Most innocent people seldom get freed from prison 
And those that do will not win civil judgments. 
Factual innocence is not a basis for a civil claim; 
Rather, the freed convict must demonstrate knowing 
And intentional misconduct on the part of law enforcement 
Authorities, meaning the ones who deed we should not go free.
For a variety of reasons, it is extremely difficult to 
Prove such claims. 
Especially after they have drifted deep down in our brain
And daily cost us unforgettable pain.

Yet, to an innocent person who loses decades of his life 
In prison, it makes little difference whether 
The wrongful conviction resulted from intentional 
Misconduct or innocent mistake. 
The pain and suffering are the same either way. 
You are right in all you say
I've appealed so many times
I believe that they 
Throw my appeals away.

I suppose this is the price
Disobedience pay
So I sit here verbally,
Silently and pray
Lord have mercy have they
Thrown the key away, trying
To throw people like me away
Lord when will I have my day?

Just to get out for me will be
I am not worried about getting paid. 
I am only out to get saved
To come home where I belong
To get to know my family again
To reach out to the young and
Try to show them how to act like
Gentlemen and not have to step into
This hell hole I and so many others
Are in.

Thank you my friend for thinking of me
Sharing with me, praying with me, going
Out on a limb for me.
God bless you and yours
I believe God sent you from above.

Jailing innocents is wrong. 
But does the Home Secretary believe it?

Jailing Innocents Is Wrong by Lionel C. Whitehead

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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