The Devil Made Me Do It She Said!

by Lionel C. Whitehead

The Devil made me do it she said
As she screamed out and grabbed her head
When she sobered up and her husband
Caught her with another man in their bed
Please donít leave she cried as she grabbed
Hold of his jacket.
You know I am not like this.
It was the alcohol. It was the smoking
The devil made me do it.

Satan is NOT subtle when he sends people and
Circumstances to try and destroy us her husband knew
But with the two year wife cheating he was threw

"The devil made me do it." She cried again
While all the neighbor stood looking in
Beat her, kick that but one man said
Girl if you were mines you would have been
Waking up among the living dead or dead an older
Man said.

The common excuse many make when they sin,
Blaming their actions on the devil.
Asking forgiveness then goes out and does it all over again

In reality, while the devil may tempt us,
Her husband knew we are the one who makes
The choice to sin or to not sin.

With his wife the devil always win
He had married her in her sinning
His own pastor and mama told him with her
There just was no winning.

But he loved her with his all
But if he forgave her again
What would he do next time he caught
Her with another man?

The devil can't make you sin, he can
Only entice you to sin.
He turned to her and said
And you got the galls to lie with others in our bed
Woman youíve done messing with my head
Get up, get out and donít ever come back
He said as he grabbed his hat.
When I return you best be gone.
For this is no longer your home.

He had tried so hard to support her
To believe in her
And for a while she did great
He had prayed to the Lord trusting her and loving
Her was no mistake.

But he knew she was the one who ultimately has to make
The choice to follow God, or follow satan.
He was a tied man, an honest man. And he loved his wife
With his all.
But whom she served was her call.
No longer would he allow her to treat him like a dog
He had spend days and nights praying that she
Would not succumb to the temptations satan always send
into her life now because of that love for her
he was hurting again..
Lord, he looked up into the heaven and ask: what do I do
I love her Lord sheís my wife, do I remove myself from her
Or take her back.
Lord I canít go on living like this.
This woman is about to make me sin
And I donít want to go back to jail again.
Or end of in hell away from you.
Dear Jehovah God tell me what should I do?
As He felt to his knee praying and crying out loud

The Devil Made Me Do It She Said! by Lionel C. Whitehead

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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