Come Lord Jesus Come

by Lionel C. Whitehead

God always means what He says and commands, 
"Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm." 
(Psalms 105:14-15)

The sin of touching God's anointed is called "sacrilege" 
Defined as "the deliberate or inadvertent violation of sacred things." 
Children are among those sacred things. 
To touch a child is very cruel and mean.
The pedophilia would know this it would seem.
That abusive parent or child abuser must not have a heart
For there is no way he or she are truly walking with the living God
And can break His loving heart.

Those who touch a child will one day stand before the King
Those who are called out and set apart by God to officiate His Word 
Have a privileged status and responsibilities before God, 
And offenses against them are regarded as sacrilege yet the devil
Is leading lost souls by the mind, because he desire they serve big time
How he does it is with their mind, as they leave their hearts behind.
Taking their conscious as he goes, they will never be right no more.
Throwing these innocents souls behind the wall
Isnít godly at all. Itís the devil greatest call. 
To rip at God the devil does it all 
He even pulls men down that demonic road so
They ignore and donít obey Godís truth at all.
Deaf and dumb they can not hear
The Savior still small voice as He call.

To strike at them is to strike at God. 
I am not speaking of priest or ministers alone per se,
I am speaking of any whom with young innocent children have their way.
To speak ill of them is to speak ill of God, 
Yet mothers and father is usually where it all starts.
For God is whom they represent yet they do not do their part
They rip at these innocent souls as if they do not belong to God. 
Sacrilege brings God's wrath upon all those who touch His anointed
Little ones whom He placed into the womb
Know God will award them very soon.
The Lord's warning is very clear, I pray they hear
"Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm." 
So say the Word, laugh if you will and have your fun
For later you will cry before you burn and die.

For whoever speaks in the things of God, 
If they speak not according to the word, 
It is because there is no light in them and they do not know Him
Nothing is to be accounted sin, 
But that which is made so by the Word of God.

Touching and misusing His little ones is a great sin for sure
Suffer not the little one to come unto me.
If you want to live in peace
God didnít make them for getting off on or beating for a release
But to love, honor and to teach them who He is and to return them
Back to Him, not leave them hungry, beaten and dying or death
On the streets or misused on the sheets.
These little ones are Godís own sheep.

As they are being misused I can hear the angels in heavens weep
As I lie in my bunk I pray for their screams I can not sleep
Lots of them are taking off the streets and place in here among 
The goats instead of the sheepís.

The parents donít teach them, the system donít protect them
The police grab them, the attorney mislead them,
The judge, sentence them, the warden place them, 
The guard and pedophilias use them and God love them
Up in here all I can do is love and pray for them as I cry before the Lord
Come Lord Jesus Come

Come Lord Jesus Come by Lionel C. Whitehead

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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