by Lionel C. Whitehead

At the age of nine I had trees on my mind
Yelling V to the knee when I should've declined

Introduced to the streets with a rope on my neck
Girls name Mama and Blue tried to choke me to death.
Said I sound like a punk
So I learned to talk slick
Called me cut-throat for months
Man, did that make me sick.
Changed my name to Boss Hog
Now my walk had a limp
Chicky, Chicky, bang, bang, yes 
I thought I was hip.

And all hours of the night in the Window, 
Mom would sit

Now, I tried to do right, went to
School everyday, before I slipped out
At night on my knees I would pray.

Lord, let me survive this night, 
Take these craving's away teach me
How to trust, why must I do these
Things? Wrong from right, how to fight,
Not to cuss, how to pray.

And educated thug, yes sir, Madam, Pardon me?
Pretty face with a smile, made girls weak
in the knees

Then I learned how to love
Finally saw the light, I remembered
Mama said Jesus Christ paid the price

So I called on the Lord, can you

Deliver me please?
But my faith was still weak, why
Would he want to save me? All the 
Wrong things I done, all the times
That I lied, then I thought about
All the times I should have died.

Was it fate? a mistake? A cruel joke?
What’s the deal?

But Mama continued to say son if you just believe.
You merely need enough Faith to cover a mustard seed
And then the tears they started falling
And my Soul's been clean. 
This can be true for you too
If you'd just Believe

Well now I'm free of the gang, 
No longer thinking about trees and 
Last night my daughter Sang, 
Dad if you just Believe.

Believe by Lionel C. Whitehead

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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