Inspiring the Next Generation

by Zamounde Allie & Nii Parkes

Commonality is the link that breaks the chain we must defeat
Not the bounds broke but those leaped to compete
Shall we scream victory
Bar-B-Q so soon with hickory

Brotha's got to be strong in the weak areas
Let go of those things like malaria
Stay true to one and marry her

To be one with our sista's is to be one with God
The guiding rod
For they are our natural mates
Not by sight but by grace
The soil in the sod

We, not them must correct our pace
Lay it out like the finest lace
This job of ours to continue the race
To weave enough for future patterns
To lay out the path with lanterns
So that our children will see
So the future will be

Brotha's and sista's from the ground up
Like you and me
Here to inspire the next generation
It is our desire
One and all denominations
The flame for the fire
Of life we must eat
Check out Nii's beat

From Zamounde's flame I will fire my pensive steam
to bring our infant project to life as a team.
My quips and quotes won't come tumbling from Socrates
My muse flows unchecked from the bubbling Euphrates...

When fire goes out there is an invasion of darkness
People panic, grope and search for a young Bess.
Something, or someone to bring light to the masses,
stop them colliding and falling on their asses.

Slavery tried to undo us, hurt and separate us...
yet Ananse remains - proof that he sustained us.
Through death and dank dwellings and drowning and despair,
our stories have remained and inspired us to dare.

Like Ali we strive to hold the dark torch aloft,
keep our spirits as strong as our voices are soft.
Our lives are a black path that others may follow
in walking the many roads that lead to tomorrow.
So we will charge to success like Tranes in the night
and, damn, we'll reach every 'miles-stone' within our sight.

We're scribes. Like Wright, Langston, Zora, James and Maya,
our words will be posts for minds that never tire.
We will paint our passion on every creation
as we aspire to inspire the next generation.

"So that our children will see
          So the future will be"
                a hip roaring victory.

Inspiring the Next Generation by Zamounde Allie & Nii Parkes

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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