by Nia R. Glover

I would like to take you on a Journey
Now on this journey I need your eyes closed
We are about to take a journey of the soul

Words are no good here; it's not your ears
That need to hear

It's something felt; the melancholy in your mood
It's the weary in your days
It's a touch from you more in depth than any word
Syllable or phrase

It's the ability to read the lines in your face when they
Speak of troubled days

And it's relief you seek, and my body would speak
It's okay to take your Frustrations out that way

I was, as sleep, and you found that same peace within me
Just as if you had closed your eyes and left the world behind
I took you to another state but it wasn't a dream state it was
Realty made

And any time you want to go,
these are the directions that you follow
It's past my lips, it's at the end of my fingertips,
it's down the small Of my back real slow,
it's around any curve at whatever speed as long
As you can stay with me

It's a verse from a Luther song;
When I climb the stairs and turn the key, oh please
Be there'...> ...> ...>

Untitled by Nia R. Glover

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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