I Quit My Job Today

by Nia R. Glover

I quit my job the politics and the games
I guess I could have stayed, in the field
House but I just had to get out
So instead, I paid masTa his coins to be free
I paid my masTa my  salary

I know some of you must think, how crazy I must be
To have given up my money
But it was hard to serve and listen to the 'N' word,
I guess I could have stayed and politic, I guess I
Could have cleaned up their sh@#... and put up with the smell,
The foul stench...

But the noise was too loud and what good would I have been
To the cause if the purpose I couldn't't recall, and that is the
Tune they tried to play to make me dance their way,
I was no longer in the game but I was really for the home team

The noose was so tight I couldn't't breathe but I could still see
And what I saw was my brain fried as I tried but
It was only me.... and I know that's no way to speak
I guess I don't have the spirit of Rosa Parks but I will go in search
Of that spark

Maybe I should have stayed, I feel bad
Because of the bricks I didn't't lay
But I think I would have been killed in the field
I can only take so much abuse and
I was a tired mull, and this game shall not take
My life, I will live with some
Dignity and I will live with some peace
And enjoy the fruit born of my ancestry

Nourished of their blood and tears
You would think the price was paid
In the plantation house, in the unjust court house
On death row, in the wealth fair line, the unemployment line,
Somewhere I had to draw the line

How many generations have to pay who gets to enjoy
What day, the joy of really being free, of poverty,
Free to love my family, free of self-hate, free of the mental
Cell gate, and that is where I shall focus my energy and time
And yes it is a thrill to see how far up the hill you can
Climb and when you achieve all your goals I hope there is no
Shallow whole

But I am still in the game, on the same field with new weapons to build
I will focus my energy on educating the youth preparing my
Troops and I will see you again in the game
But a different team and will be a million educated Deep....

I Quit My Job Today by Nia R. Glover

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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