A Taste Of It

by Zamounde and Janala

A taste of mind
Left only the rind
The sweet water juice
Together with my thirst began to bind
My thoughts in kind
The energy of good times
I long to see the day of the burst
Of joy, happiness, and longevity that many promise
I long to taste the fruit of life as it was meant to be
Full of solace

Those who refuse to peel and taste this sweet juice
Sip wine pressed from the grapes
of the bitter wrath that's tormenting
My minds left and right are as a schism
and each are there own separate prisons
I scream & fight my way to get out
on the grounds of time-served no doubt
I long to see the day of the burst
from shackles, chains & ropes that bind
Hate's in the hearts of many
Apples to orange, pears to peach
The colors of life are like fruit
Ahhh sweet

Burst of energy
Don't lay in the results of he that bitterly seduce
So many say what's the use
We too
No you
Fall for it like melons
End up locked like felons
No more seeds to reproduce
You best to taste it for real
Life ain't no quick deal
Or cheap produce
It's a harvest
that can be bitter, or sweet
It's what you put into that takes you the farthest

Far away
one corner of mind is from the next
the thoughts are scattered and the soul remains vexed
by the fruitless attempts to access my every thought
If you dig any deeper you're  bound to get lost
In the succulant flavor
In the meat of the mind
Can be hard to swallow
Cause choking sometimes
Take small bites (like mama used to say)
and don't forget before each meal to pray
Pretty soon i'll burst out of these prisons and corners
Then i'll have purpose in my life as a fruit does
For You
Here's a taste of it

A Taste Of It by Zamounde & Janala

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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