The Cure, Part II: Somethin' For the Brothers

by Jamal Sharif

Can't nobody love you
like a brother do
the reasons are many/here are a few
can't nobody beg like a brother/sweet talk you like a brother
ooh baby baby please like a brother/say you're all I need like a brother
can't nobody walk like a brother/there certainly is no other
who's got that baaad-ass stroll like brothers do
a brother exudes confidence like a million dollars
even when he so broke he could holler
ya'll know what I mean
we bear witness to a true king
when a brother steps on the scene
'aint nothin like a brother when he's
bein' a father to the kids
sometimes they even love ones that 'aint his
we love brothers for the strength and wisdom they give
'aint nobody as fine as a brother
they come in all shapes sizes and colors
from black-berry wine to light bright shine
the essence of a brother is one of a kind
can't nobody on this earth
give good lovin' like a brother
and not just the bump and grind
a brother at his best can make love to the mind
and kiss you so sweet/from your head to your feet
blend body and soul to make the package complete
brothers possess that wonderful gift
a sista's pride and white girl's wish
for those in doubt: believe the myth
brothers will lick you up like a lollypop
have you screamin' don't stop
brothers, could we live without ya?
I think not

The Cure, Part II: Somethin' For the Brothers by Jamal Sharif

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