The Revolution Needs YOU

by Jamal Sharif

Inspired by the Mumia Abu-Jamal rally held in Los Angeles,
California on October 16 at 1 PM in front of the Federal
Building on Wilshire Blvd.

(in which BROTHAS and SISTAS failed to outnumber white folks)

I been lookin' for the revolution
I been lookin' for the revolution
somebody said it would be here
somebody said I could come get it
soon as I got ready
must be some mistake 'cause
I still can't find the 
Is there a lost and found up in this mu'fucka
somebody getta hold of the n double a c p
I wanna hear what kinda rhyme
jesse gon' make about this

Maybe the revolution is tied up
not being televised like Uncle Gil advised
droning monotonously like a test
for the emergency broadcast system
like a test
only a test
'cause in the event of 
a real revolution
wouldn't know 
to respond

that's because 

the revolution is chillin' 
in front of the liquor store
forty ounce sippin' 
and kentucky fried chicken
finger lickin' 
dick holdin' 
and bullshittin'
while time keeps tick tick tickin'

the revolution is 
too busy
and set claimin'
cell phone rangin'
cocaine slangin'
tech nine aimin' and
white man blamin'

the revolution is waitin' 
on gold diggas and six figga niggas
to get they shit together

the revolution done changed it's motto, ya know
from Power to the People
	I'm Black and I'm Proud
		Free Huey!

It's All About the Benjamin's, Baby
Jigga What! Jigga Who?
		and Bitch Betta Have My Money


the revolution 
is pushin' a Lex
down Wilshire Boulevard
at Starbuck's flossin' hard
flashing caucasian corporate inspired business cards
waxing mellifluously about portfolios/pledgin' Kappa
golf scores 
and bar exams
college educated/culturally annihilated 
and not givin' a damn

you 'aint heard?

the revolution got sidetracked
with Crystal 
and bad rap

gun shots
hot blocks
and crooked cops

dollars and cents
the 'burbs and a
white picket fence

the revolution caught a wicked case of amnesia
forgot about chains whips and slave ships
lynchin' and cotton pickin'
the middle passage
civil rights
Emmett Till and Nat
four little girls
Medgar Malcom Martin and Marcus
Yusef and Elenoar and Natasha
forgot that Mumia 'AINT SUPPOSED TO DIE
forgot about Lil' Bobby Hutton and why 
Assata is cold kickin' it in Cuba long after
she told america to go fuck herself

though I do recall
when the revolution got excited
black folks united and ignited

we burned shit down and spontaneously acquired 
ten new pairs of hundred dolla sneakers
and yo, we was ai-ight
after that

for all ya'll that 'aint been told
the REVOLUTION is perpetually ON HOLD
till we get paid next week
till we make a million muthafuckin' dollas
till we pay off all our bills
till we get our phone turned back on
till we get our celly reconnected
till we get our nails and hair did
till we get dat record deal
till we buy some fly new gear
till we get outta rehab
til we roll the next bomb joint
till we get a boat a house a benz
a big screen and satellite t.v.
till we get new rims and tires
till we get our party on
till we figure out what the hell we wanna do
till we get Nas' new CD
till we find the stroke we been searchin' for
till we get the ultimate blow job
till we pick up our food stamps
till we get our disability/unemployment/settlement/
insurance scam/county check 
till the Lord/Jesus/God/Allah/Jehovah/Buddha/Jah/the ancestors 
give us a sign
till we get the word nigga nigga nigga nigga
out our system

'cause niggas are STILL scared of revolution……………



The Revolution Needs YOU by Jamal Sharif

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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