L.A. Lines

by Jamal Sharif

Baby, you so fine!
Can a brother like me
get a minute of your time?
I'm in a rush too, see I got to go
finish kickin' my rhymes in the  studio
Yeah, you know, I'm blowin' up in the industry
you can go far knowin' someone like me
See, I was the one who gave Snoop his first perm
and last week, I sold dat nigga Cube some sherm
Naw I 'aint no baller, no nothin' like that
he owed me money, and he was just payin' me back
Aw, I know you 'aint trippin' 'cause I'm on the bus stop!
I got a Benz, but it's in the shop
and my Lex, you know, is wit my homie Ben
I let him roll, cause he just got out the penn
For real, I'm just waiting for him to come swoop me up
With all of this traffic, I'm sure he got stuck
Hey, you gotta dime so I can call him, though?
I'd use my cell phone, but my battery's on low
Check it, tonite I'm flyin' my jet out to France
But by Friday, I should be back
How 'bout we go out for drinks after that?
Do you mind payin'?  I know that sounds bold
I put a million dollar check in the bank
but you know, it's on hold
Why you gotta lie?  You 'aint got nowhere to go!
Didn't you see me in Puffy's last Video

L.A. Lines by Jamal Sharif

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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