The Hard Sell on Crenshaw Blvd
(Ode to the Bow Ties)

by Jamal Sharif

my beautiful black sister nubian princess
mother of the earth giver of life creator of all
that is black and good, if I could talk to you
for just a - now hold on there, hold up-are
you familiar with the teachings of the
Honorable Elijah Muhammad - now don't,
don't look at me like that sis.  I know that
look, see, and that look tells me you starvin
for some knowledge of self, you hear what I'm
sayin?  Come on down to the mosque tonite,
you might just find what you been searchin for
because as you may know, the Honorable
Elijah Muhammad teaches us that - now
why?  Why you gotta talk to a black man like
that?  Have a little respect for a brother out
here on the corner, tryin to stay positive and
shit in ninety degree heat - Naw sister, no
ma'am, I aint no fraud, just tell me who said,
who said cause i'm a muslim I can't say
'shit?'  Alright, yes, I can see the light is, can I offer you a bean pie, my
sista?  Final Call?
Righteous.  Stay black and beautiful


Y e l l o w. . .


Greetings, my beautiful black brother, african
king father of the earth, if I could trouble you
for just a
minute. . . .

The Hard Sell on Crenshaw Blvd by Jamal Sharif

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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