Attention!! What A Real Sista Been Dyin' To Say...

by Jamal Sharif

Sista, please
time out
I need a word with you
you messin' up my good thang
and this just 'aint gon' do
Now, understand - you can do what you want with your life
but your triflin' ways are causin' REAL sistas
too much stress and strife

See, when you runnin' behind this brother and the next
acceptin' his lies and cashin' your checks
puttin' silk on his back and gold 'round his neck
just to keep your legs wrapped around something erect
I want you to know, it's ME you effect

Baby, he 'aint scared lost unsure or confused
he's just lookin' for someone to use
Which shoulda been clear when he wrecked your car
stole your wallet to buy drinks at the bar
When he's sleep in your bed, it's to work you go
tellin' your simple friends, "But he love me, though!"

You foolin' yourself, but what you don't see
is you makin' it damn hard for a sista like ME

'Cause when he steps in my world
and start to runnin' his game
he got in his mind that we're all the same
he act all surprised, thinkin' I got some nerve
because I demand what you 'aint never deserved

Now sista, I'm no stranger to a looong, lonely night
but a brother can't stay 'less he's treating me right
Girl, you don't know what you puttin' me through
tryin' to let him know that
I 'aint YOU

I 'aint comin' down to make no bail
I don't accept collect calls from jail
I 'aint layin' down if he belongs to another
I 'aint his bitch, his ho, his punching bag
his daughter or his mother
I don't get involved in no soap opera drama
I don't give a damn if she is his baby's momma
I know you strugglin' brotha, I know times is hard-
Hell no, you can't charge no weed
on my credit card

All this re-training is wasting my time
when I'd rather be strokin' my black man's
body and mind
instead I gotta break this fool
of all the things you let him do

Sisters, you must be stronger
make him come correct
don't wait until the next time
his fingers are wrapped around yo' neck
Love yourself, black woman
and please, do it fast
If I meet one more sorry brother
I'm gonna have to kick
your ass

Attention!! What A Real Sista Been Dyin' To Say... by Jamal Sharif

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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