Attention, Black Man: I'm Down If You Is

by Jamal Sharif

I live to love you
	black man
to revere and praise you
	black man
to adore and comfort you
to bask in the divine beauty
that is you
	black man
I want to love you
only you
let me be your 
sun moon and earth
the master to your plan
your salvation
your liberation
oh yes I can
yes I can
if you let me
	black man
as long as you 
claim and celebrate ME
for the queen
that I am

I'm down 
if you is

 I don't claim perfection
	black man
I've played a part in my 
own degradation
	black man
I've made mistakes
	black man
though on the path of 
acceptance and wisdom
	black man
I have learned to honor 
and respect myself
in the desire to become 
an authentic down-ass 
bona fide black woman
for me
	black man
for us
	black man
I'm getting and keepin'
my stuff in order
	black man
and if I can
you can 
which is why

I'm only as down
as you is
you need to understand
I'm only down
if you're 
as down as I am


if you won't rise to your own
kingly occasion
	black man
if you're not looking
for solutions
	black man
if you want to blame me
and the man
	black man
if you let me carry 
the burden
our burden
	black man
if you want to pimp 
my unceasing love
        black man
and use my refusal
to accept nonsense 
as an excuse to go
fuck white women
	black man
I'm not down
'aint down
can't be down
with you 
for you
black man

I live to love you
but you gotta 

I'm only down
completely down
absolutely down
all the way

if you is
black man.

Attention, Black Man: I'm Down If You Is by Jamal Sharif

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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