Can't Nobody Love You Like a Sista Do

(**Slam Version: The Cure)

by Jamal Sharif

Can somebody tell me...who?
who else can love you like a sista do?
the brothas, they try to argue
but they know it's true
'cause who?
who else can talk like a sista/cuss like a sista
tell you where to go/like a sista
or say I love you/like a sista
and no doubt/it's a widely known fact
can't nobody strut like a sista black
and walk sho nuff bold and fine 
like aged wine
it's impossible to ignore
the unspoken queenly gracefulness
when a sista takes the floor
you see, whatever ails a brotha
a sista is the cure
'cause who?
won't nobody else stick witcha
like a sista
sistas be stayin' longer than ya'll deserve
a sista will still be lovin' you/when life done
kicked you to the curb
and let's not forget/the one thing that can
never ever be dismissed...'cause who?
can't nobody make love like a sista do
move and groove like a sista true
shakin' full hips/takin' fantasmic trips
'cause 'aint nothin' like a sista's taste
on a brotha's lips
can somebody tell me who?
who else can love you so divinely
righteously and true
see/sistas be your daughters/your mothers
your friends/your lovers/and your boos
sistas be your queens/your one and only salvation
sistas stand by your side/help you build a strong black nation
sistas be the bomb and 'aint no other explanation
so/when you take a sista by the hand
it's imperative that you understand/black man
and know this is true: 'aint nothin' like a sista
when she's sharin' life with you
no other kind of woman could ever compete
'cause only a sista
will make your life

Can't Nobody Love You Like a Sista Do by Jamal Sharif

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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