Astronomically Yours

by Jamal Sharif

(for csj) If what you say is true and I'm a celestial being then I'd spend a billion light years just hangin' around your galaxy eclipsing you like the moon radiating like the sun orbiting spinning circulating rotating three hundred and sixty degrees at epic speeds with intensely terminal velocities entrapping you within the depths of my soul completely exhaustively infinitely like a limitless black hole I'd believe in you like astrology study you like trigonometry figure you into my complex equation become the inverse to your square relation because my passion and adoration can only be measured by powers of ten and scientific notation I'd defy the laws of gravity mock Einstein's relativity to illustrate precisely what you do to me see your touch makes me explode pulse spin like a quasar fall like a shooting star can't fight it won't deny it you get my protons neutrons electrons and atoms over excited and when we kiss move melt collide I'm suspended like space-time transported to the outermost tip of the cosmos baby, don't you know? if I was a planet I'd exist simply to revolve around you

Astronomically Yours by Jamal Sharif

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