Thru Salted Tears

by Harry Hyman Jr.

We were Kings and Queens in a land of Pearls
 Science and Art were our gifts to the world
 Over 10,000 years we ruled with tolerance
 while the rest of the world bathed in ignorance
Over the horizon, the Ocean Devils came
 And our world and our lives would forever lose
 their Fame
Lies and deceit they used without care
 And their weapon of submission was one called
Chained to the ship and bolted to its floor
 Many would perish at Death's dark door.

They sold my mammy and sold my pappy
 sold my sis and her two kids
I stepped up on the auction block
 the man said "Sold" to the hightest bid

I picked cotton and tobacco and peas and corn
 In the sun, twenty-four seven, and dreaded
 the dawn
Some were hung, some were shot
 some were boiled in oil
Some just gave up and fell
 and vanished under soil

As I grimaced and wiped the sweat
 from my brow and my face,
Knowing this inhumanity to man
 would one day about face
I visioned Africa, the place of my home
 Where I was King and ruled 
 from a sapphire throne.

Thru Salted Tears by Harry Hyman Jr.

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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