Something in the Basement

by HH

I heard it before I felt it, a low whistling sound it was like knives slicing air swiftly. Gut reaction and reflexes made me move without thinking to avoid it. Still, knifelike claws fiercely scraped against my ribcage and liquid started running. I began leaping up the basement stairs. Something savage in the dark was at my heels. I couldn't risk looking for fear it would slow me down. Pure terror clutched my heart now pumping at breakneck speed.

I jumped two and three steps at a time. The foul stench of its breath singed the hairs on the back of my neck. I could feel the adrenaline being pumped at almost terminal velocity thru my veins. Bloody liquid was running down my leg. I didn't care. I could see it, the door at the top of the stairs-only 7 steps to go. Claws screeched against a wall and startled my ears-only 5 steps to go. Something grabbed at my ankles. It missed- only 3 steps to go.

I lunged for the door knob, turned, opened and closed it all in one motion. With my back riveted against the door, I gasped for breath. The terror behind me pounded and pounded, snarling in frustration as pieces of wood flew to the floor. And as the breath slowly returned to my drenched body, I could hear a low whistling sound like knives slicing air, fading and melting into a descending darkness. Then, I remembered ! I remembered chuckling at my kids telling me "Beware of the monster in the basement, Dad." I would never forget it or chuckle again !

Something in the Basement by HH

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