Sickening Sista

by Camara

beginning to realize why
she has a great feeling of despise 
and why
she'd rather die 
than to succumb to her male counterparts
Her skills in deception goes off the chart
I am beginning to understand
Why she finds it okay to lie
Than to play fairly with the men of her kind.
I really can feel why 
If her hair is blond and she has a blue eye
She will smile and grin
Play games and win 
Her way into
His sick fantasies
She's more like me 
Than I have ever believed
Second class citizen.
Can't really tell when hers began
But he treats her as if she is not intelligent
So she uses her ass…because she is belligerent
To get where she wants 
And get what she doesn't Deserve
She has the nerve 
and lacks the conscience
He has only the position of importance
I look at her in disgust
My heart and soul want to bust
I know where my overpowering strength began
From family separation and beatings from master's hand
My beauty is underrated
And for each accomplishment made, I am elated
Yet always berated, by her lack of intelligence and common sense
But she is put before me, for that I am bent
In all different types of directions
All of her so called connections
Hate a sister like me but adore the abilities
Putting a twist on my situational agility 
To survive
To live 
And to thrive,  
I  despise 
But respect
To wrap up the topic of my subject
Corporate middle class white woman
Using what she has to get what she wants
Smiling in their faces, putting up that front
Setting her eyes on that goal at the top
Til she reaches that goal, she will never stop

Sickening Sista by Camara

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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