Death of the Ghetto Messiah

by Camara

All ready looking forward to her journey, serene
Prepares the beautiful black warrior Queen
That as she performs spectacular feats
Wigging of her new fingers, kicking of small feet,
Mommy can't allow for her arrival into this world
Though this girl 
Would be great beyond any measure,
Her presence on earth a treasure,
She cannot be granted the pleasure 
Of breathing with her own lungs
Won't speak knowledge acquired with her tongue
Cannot be brung
Into this world, due to Mommy's sin.
Wasn't on purpose, it only began
As an acquaintance.
Now the abortion, aftercare,
The maintenance
Of holding things together
Makes mommy think things would be better,
To allow her to breathe
To see, to be
What she should truly be--
A reflection of the genes
That brought about her existence
Higher learning and mental persistence
Constant striving for knowledge
Both of her benefactors pledged
"Change  the  race"
The leader of the movement --she would fill that space
But her death is imminent
Mother intent
Of not having the drama
Of being two different brother's baby's Mama.
She selfishly made the choice
The child will never have a voice
Let the process begin,
The beginning of the end
Kill the Ghetto Messiah.

Death of the Ghetto Messiah by Camara

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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