They Got Us All

by Camara

They got us all
Standin up in here tight
Fighting for the right 
To stand at all
Clawing and bawling
Eye slanting and chantin
Negativity about each other
Won't embrace one another as brothers
They got us all
Puttin each other out
Hurt your sister
Grin internally--externally pout 
They got us in our place
We grin real big put on our "Sambo"face
Hoping they will help us 
Get to where they be
Hoping we can get sum uh duh milk and honey
They got us all
Our methodology and thought process tapped
Took over hip-hop and rap
Got it going mainstream
Now upper classed white kids fiend
For they rhythm in our soul
Last true thing that keeps us whole.
I mean they got us thinking
Our hair is nappy
Our asses too flabby
Our lips to thick 
Our souls to hip
To move to our rhythm
Is ultimate sin (look at mainstream thatís whats in)
Wishin they could pop they eyes out
Put my eyes in
Then their world of color 
Would begin
But instead we will conform 
Accept their norm

They got you all

They Got Us All by Camara

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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