Emerging Woman

by Beverley E. Johnson

Keepin' it real
With a heart of gold and a mind of steel.

Armed with mega doses of attitude and fortitude,
the girl sho'nuff is super cool!
She's ready to walk da' walk
And talk da'talk
While reading hearts and souls with eyes like a hawk.

Check Her Out!  Girlfriend is at the top of her game
Ready to accept the mantle as keeper of the flame.
Understanding that hip hop, be-bop, doo wop and the blues belongs to us!
'Cause we make the music that feeds the soul.  A'right?-

We're seared a'her!

Making the scene
Every Man's dream-
With the hippest hips in town wearing a gown.
Where is her crown?
'Cause girlfriend represents to all that the true essence of a woman
Is a mental, physical, spiritual thang-
Necessary ingredients in the recipe of life
With a big heaping dose of her own special spice.

Yes, she's ready and there's no holding her back
So step aside
And look on with pride
As she is welcomed into the Sista'hood!

Vowing to keep it real
Keep it live
And most of all not take any jive.

                                           YOU GO GIRL!

Emerging Woman by Beverley E. Johnson

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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