All His Momma Raised Him To Be...

by Ze'Diva

Momma, proud, strong, tall, and firm
and with the sharpest of minds. 
Raising a son on her own. 

She raised him to be all, he can be…
Behind him at all times, never faltering. 

She taught him to do all the things required, to take care of himself. 
Things he would need to know, so he would never need a woman,
just give him help.

She taught him to be all the things a Strong Black man needs to be.
And most of all she taught him how to realize,
that all is not what it may appear to be…

She brought him up with a firm hand and strong convictions.
She taught him many of life's challenges come with a variety of 

She raised him with all of his virtues in tack.
She taught him to be aware of his surrounding and to watch his back.

She taught him to love, to cherish, and to maintain his pride
in all he may encounter.

She taught him to be strong and others tools he would need
on the sad day when he would be left without her.

Now this strong Black Man is as well rounded as a true man can be.
Because he is "All" the man his momma raised him to be…

All His Momma Raised Him To Be... by Ze'Diva

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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