by Ze'Diva

Baby moma ringin the phone all the damn time. 
Saying she gone kick my azz, talking stuff,
knowing she ain't gone do Shit.

Neighbors hollering at the top of their lungs,
drunk off the 40's they've been sippin on all night long.

My man sitting on the couch watching the game,
his cats fallin all over my furniture.
He got the remote control flippin back and forth
between the game and BET, watchin strip hoes dancing in videos….

Baby sitting in the floor with a napkin full of crackers,
playing with his feet lookin at me with those big brown eyes.

Moma in the lazy boy fast asleep with a full glass of wine
bout to tip over off the end table.

Daddy lookin at the boys wishin he was them,
wanting to be in the mix, but still bein quiet.

Me sitting at the dinnette table, saying to ma-self
Calgon just take my azz away,
can I come back another day.
Cause I'm just sick of all this DRAMA.

My girl sitting cross the table from me
talkin on the cell phone to some wanna be pimp
trying to talk her out her check so she cussing him out.

I sit here and think to myself, why didn't I finish school
why did I have to get pregnant, why he won't marry me?

Then I think, Hell I don't care cause he's a dog,
 but he pays the bills so let the brotha be free.

But, when the smoke clears here I'll sit right by his side,
knowing he ain't right but I think he loves me?
He's mine and this is my life.
A broken fairy tale filled with nothing but

Drama by Ze'Diva

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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