Recognizing Greatness

by Zalika

As another year comes to and end

I sit and remember my fallen kin.

My brothers and sisters whose lives were lost

In slavery, robberies, murders, and wars

What are we killing ourselves for?

I wish we could go back

Back in the day when the world was black.


The beginning of civilization

And human life as we know it

So many creations and ideas created

We were smart

But now do we show it?

Do we use our full potential as those who built the pyramids?

Or do we just sit back and wait for things to fall on our lapÓ

Until then we chill and ˘just live÷.


When will we stop waiting and believing in others who learned from us?

Should we decide to stop riding in the back 

and be PROUD to be on the front of the bus?  (Thanks Rosa!)

We should strive to be the best

Life is a test to see where your heart is

Be proud to be a mother

Be proud to be a father

Stop letting drugs and violence kill black kids!


There will be a time again when all mouths will confess

That Jesus is lord!

And every other name will be laid to rest.

Remember the time when we were at our best

Black man,

Black woman,

Black JESUS.



Recognizing Greatness by Zalika

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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