Uneven Flow

by Zaki

what shall i do??
i feel my grip loosening, and
i fear i lack the strength..
i've gone extra lengths in pursuit of this love..
true to this cause,
though i've been called foolish..
but fools are the ones who fall in love..
don't feel as if i've fallen,
but in love is my reality.. still,
there are those who would reduce "us" to mere fantasy..
can it be that the world is unjust..
is sanity
measured by levels of distrust in systems..
my symptoms are depletion of strength..
not with them
when it comes to you and i..
heaven sent is the only
way for me to think of your arrival..
i feel that my survival is tied in to this..
i feel that my rivals don't want me to know your kiss..
i feel that the current state of things is a test..
i feel the phone calls start to become less,
until they come to a final rest..
and i feel i may have chosen
the path of regret..
i can't be upset with the results of my choice..
a stance of neglect,
i find fault in the voice of reason..
life on the line for a worthy cause,
unintended effect..
invalidate the source of my flow,
now uneven..

Uneven Flow by Zaki

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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