Seven Incarnate

by Zaki

every time i die i am rebuilt,

stronger than ever, however,

i have yet to kill my self..

lack of material wealth also not the cause,

so i pause, in contemplation..

awakened by the reality of my mortality, i died..

relied upon to rise once again,


i longed to adapt to my new surroundings..

heart pounding from the pressure of supplying a brain,

so long devoid of thoughts

from its own train..

religion built me to fear me.. sincerely,

i engage in turned page-ology..

reaching THE END,

psychologically i am transformed..

i transcend the common trend of imprisoned Black bodies..

oddly enough, i construct personal pitfalls,

and fall into glad habits that amount to nothing..

a lifetime spent,

struggling against my own..

torn between shown wisdom, and the rhythm of the flock..

not that iím easily compelled,

but the swell of the river quickly overflows..

overdosed on self-imposed compliance..

self-reliance never occurred..

wise words taken in stride,

as i provide, easily, for my disposal..

imperialist proposal requires my personal self-detraction..

proliferated ignorance kills my drive,

exacting a powerful blow

to my psyche..

a striking resemblance to my next death..


i crept to the brink of extinction..

without thinking, i took a leap of faith..

now the safe are sorry..

hearty meals served up,

erupt a knowledge frenzy.. killed my worst enemy,

and began to live on..

knowing the wise understand me, my renaissance prolonged..

Seven Incarnate by Zaki

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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