A Letter to My Bosom-Mate

by Nana Yeboa

My dear friend,

I have since arrived at my destination. Things are not as well as I expected in this new land but I suppose that when I explain to you my conditions, you will understand the reason I have not been able to maintain contact as I had promised. Before I sojourned, I entrusted you with my heart and I still maintain that, I have not in the least forgotten your love or abandoned it for another, but circumstances dictates that I have to share your love with another woman so I can be able to provide for you and the children.

My dear friend, my precious jewel, my sister, I want you to know that this is not flagrant language or deceitful tactics that I am playing here but it is the reality of life here. I do not enjoy it, not in the least. It is not like sitting with you under a mango tree after dinner or eating with you from the same bowl. Sometimes I remember you running chasing away goats that have managed to outwit you or you bathing the children at sunset and singing to them. I sometimes smile at the setting sun imaging you with a basket load of produce. I had not realized until now that you were a picture of marvel, I know realize your immeasurable worth.

My bosom-mate, I will plead with you to forgive me for sharing you precious joy with another. If you find someone who will treat you as well as I do, you may leave and I will understand. But, if you decide to wait for me, look towards the highway two years from now. I promise I shall return to your warmth. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

Your bosom-mate

A Letter to My Bosom-Mate by Nana Yeboa

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