A Motherís Advice to Her Daughter

by Nana Yeboa

There are many things you need to know my daughter; I have already taught you how to cook, how to take care of your self monthly, how to talk to your life mate and many more. This is just another which is not book knowledge but experience, my mother taught me and so I pass it on to you. My daughter, you are an educated woman and so men will expect you to act a particular way. But my child, these men who are even educated and go in for educated and opinionated girls also yearn for the traditional woman. You can be both educated and traditional. You know this but I will reiterate it again, men need their egos stroked. Todayísí lesson is on beads. These beads that I give you, in the past were used as a support for underwear, it was a symbol of femininity, but today you do not wear them because you have panties and pads when you menstruate. Yet still, it is important as a woman to have at least one string around your waist. Wear the beads with pride; let it hug your waist for you need adornment to entice your husband into bed. Let him start counting beads, and start remembering the colours. This is one of your strength as a woman. Follow my advice and you will one day when I am not around anymore, say that I thought you well.

A Motherís Advice to Her Daughter by Nana Yeboa

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