The Cliche Letter: To Everyone and No One in Particular

by YBJane?

Tell me why when a man shoots for the stars, 
he can expect his woman to follow him 
but when a woman shoots for the stars, 
she can't expect her man to follow her?

Why grab for someone you refuse to hold on to?
Make love in a way that ancient soul mates do?
Then not call when stressed despite all the crap we been through?
Perhaps then she is more appropriate for you?
Her dream is stunted while my growth is neverending
I was never enslaved, always destined for a great thing
Why my mother bestowed upon me the name My Queen
Why I loved unfetered from doubt's dark lonely wing

I suffered in silence while you fought test after test
Worried you'd forgotten safe haven is at my breasts
Or during any battle I'd give you all my best
To ensure that beside me is where your body shall rest
So in the moments we share all I make memorable
Why deep inside of me you can feel my heart tremble
Wild enough to bring down this earth's greatest symbol
As the flood gates release from my ye-yo temple
Our love making?  Incredible

But I'm tired of quivering when on deeper levels we can't meet
I've been through this before
I am too good for you
You cheat
When you can't love yourself
Then this is what you reap
I am too good for you so you cheat
Physically repeat
I am too good for you so you cheat
Emotionally repeat
On the other hand... are God
And in that story you carried me when things got hard
Cradled me when things fell apart
Perchance shielded me from yet another broken heart

See I've been tryin' to revolutionize love but it's not catching on
Tryin' not to make this a war that has to be won
Tryin' to be your one, your only one
Despite what women in your past have done
Or current temptations with their blatant con
I beg for you to run...

Realize I'm worth more than the pride that blinds you
The self-hate that slaves you
The scars that made you
Realize my hands are smaller but they are made to mold you
My back to support you
My feet to ground you -

My love is greater than gender, greater than sex
Greater than what social constraints can let
I am your future
My spirit was in your past
Guiding you to our present so these memories can last
Yes, I know I'm a star moving quickly out of sight
But you should be running towards me at the freaking speed of light!

The Cliche Letter: To Everyone and No One in Particular by YBJane?

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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